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Scenting International Visits RUSSIA

Some our team recently visited Russia to review the fashion and scent marketing potential in both St Petersburg & Moscow.

St Petersburg is not only a culturally stunning city, with 18th Century architecture dating back to the Tsars but the fashion would rival the Champs-Elysées in Paris, with global brands such as Gucci & Prada.

The Scenting International sales team was very excited by the scenting potential in Russia, in both high-end retail outlets & hip bars & upmarket hotels.

Both St Petersburg & Moscow were very fashionable cities, therefore scent branding would be highly desirable and add to their already high sense of style.

The Gum in Moscow built in about 1890 and situated opposite Red Square, is a renovated central market which has retained all the spectacular features of yesteryear but now houses the most well-known global brands in the world.

Our team are searching for distributors in both St Petersburg & Moscow. If you have the ability to grow the scent branding potential in this region, please contact us on .

Image: The Gum Department Store, Moscow