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Why Scent Marketing?

Most world leading brands now use scent marketing for marketing their brands.

Emotional Connection

Scent marketing research shows using aroma scenting in your business, creates an instant positive emotional connection between your customer and your brand.

Customer Loyalty

Using scent marketing in your business creates an emotional experience that connects the consumer with your brand, resulting in customer loyalty and a perception of higher value.


Is Scent Marketing Right For Your Business ?

Marketing Tool

Many businesses use scent marketing also known as aroma marketing without customers noticing .

Evokes Emotions

It’s not meant to be consciously noticeable but to play on the senses and create good feeling, from calm to pleasure or excitement.


Just like the aroma of baked biscuits might make you think of home, certain scent can elicit different responses when we smell them.

Loyal Customers

Scent marketing used correctly can help your business create customer loyalty, return business and increased revenue.

Feel Better

Fitness Centers using fresh fragrances increase lung capacity when under physical exertion.

Increased Value Perception

Scenting can make your business feel more luxurious and inviting, and can even subconsciously influence customers to spend more money.

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Helen. K

Sth East Asia

The assistance and advice I had from Scenting International was wonderful. Great company and great products.

Stephen. P


Loved your high quality fragrances, great service & very helpful support from your office. Scenting has already improved my fitness centre.

Mustafa. B


Since our hotel started using ‘Ambre38’ fragrance, our customers have commented and are delighted with the atmosphere in our lobby, we want to buy bottles for our guests.