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Evoking Customer Emotions

Every time someone buys something, regardless if its lunch, a new computer, a car or holiday, the deciding factor to purchase that item always ends up with an emotional element.

Now of course there is the rational evaluation of the product that is being purchased, weighed with the judgement of price and quality, but underlying all of this, and sometimes over riding the decision is the emotional element of what the purchaser is feeling.

When you consider this and look at your customers and the emotional element you evoke from them, how would you rate?

Companies that want their customer to become loyal to their service or product understand that the customer experience and service is what will often make the difference between them coming back or choosing a competitor.

In every single purchase decision what the customer feels or doesn’t feel is a result of your sales copy, environment, and customer service and whether you are meeting or exceeding the customer expectations.

Reaching this emotional goal requires an entire company’s effort which should exceed beyond product quality and protocols.
Drivers of satisfaction and loyalty must be looked deeply into by the service providers. A good insight into the subject will show that a whole bunch of different factors lead to the sense of satisfaction and loyalty.

Meeting expectations, needs and reaction to the organization and the perceived value received by the customer would be some of them.

The basic requirement for customer satisfaction then shifts from product, service quality, value-for-money, hygiene factors, etc which are common for everyone, to creating an emotional, personal and psychological connection with the customer which makes them feel satisfied and loyal.

To respond to the emotional approach of the customers the company must have a consistent, differentiated, valued and completely intentional outlook towards customers.

Companies can achieve this by looking at the use of color, layout, music and scent.

Each industry is different as to the client needs and expectations, but a little research into the buying patterns and triggers of your target market would save you lots of time, stress and money.

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