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Scenting A Palace

Last week Scenting International visited one of the palaces in Doha, Qatar.

What an amazing experience !

Security was high in the streets surrounding the palace, and coming up to the gate house, our Scenting International team were led into a room to wait for our contact inside to receive us. Passports were handed over and then they all passed through airport like security before being allowed to enter through the vast gate of the palace.

Once they entered inside the gate, our Scenting International team were surrounded by beautiful manicured gardens and 3 large ornately decorated buildings – these were administration buildings !

After passing through another large gate, the magnificent, chateau-like palace revealed itself. It was beautifully decorated, and the surrounding gardens were expertly manicured.

Our team moved into the air-conditioning room to check our equipment which are scenting only a small area of the palace at this stage. We discussed the 2nd stage of the project where we would install additional diffusers and we hope this stage will completed shortly.

We are very pleased to be scenting one of the palaces in Doha, and with the Scenting International team’s experience in this area we are sure we will shortly be scenting many more.