Retail Scent Branding

Retail Scent Branding is catching on with retailers!

Traditionally marketing was always about a visual or perhaps auditory messages to get the customer to go into the shop. Now the focus for marketers is also on the olfactory message or impression when the customer goes to the shop and uses their tactile sense to gain an understanding of the product.

Now many retailers are creating an olfactory message by mounting a diffuser in any one corner of the store the brand gets an increase in perceived value of their product just by instilling and evoking a sense of nostalgia, emotion and the association with great aroma therapy in a store itself.

This marketing technique is the first impression a client receives when entering a store and the last when leaving, and branded scents can be found in a varying variety of stores and shops.

The method is to distinguish their brand or shop or product with a unique fragrance or odour and thus install a memory in the mind to assure that that particular smell is associated with their product.

This tactic is supposed to increase sales and drum up more clientele and so far it is working tremendously.

It is however important to create an ambience for your store and not make it smell like an over filled florist. The aroma should be subtle and maybe not even consciously discernible but the customers.

Thus aroma diffusers must set up to ensure that it isn’t a turn off and not to strong at all, but creates the right amount of comfort associated and can enlist a happy shopping experience.

Besides shopping, hotels come equipped with aroma diffusers to create a feeling of home and cosiness and usually the smell widely acknowledged is associated with fresh linens that create a clean and homey environment for the guest.

The retail scent branding is like developing a signature scent or a line of scents associated with a certain brand and its products so a customer knows what to expect if they smell the aroma even if they cannot visually see the shop or aren’t close enough to it.

This is an excellent way to increase sales.

Retail scent branding is exactly like background music; it creates a sense of tranquillity, mood and peace whilst shopping and thus retailers across the globe are slowly progressing to scent branding and using diffusers across their stores to keep their customers in the mood.

However that doesn’t mean that just any pleasant smell means that is all you need to do. With scent branding Is important to establish which scent provides the customer with the best feel associated with your product or business and then introducing it in the right levels.

Thus companies that spend big amounts of money in branding their product or business are are now also willing to create a unique scent that is effective in boosting sales, keeping the customer interested and unique to them alone.

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