Brand Marketing is any promotion that helps your customers identify you by your packaging, product or service. Brand Marketing using scent is now becoming very popular because of the results that businesses are achieving. Find out more about how to brand your product or service.

How Scenting Can Increase Sales

Scents like all other senses are essential to create a distinguished and comfortable association with the brand or product. Scent branding is catching on with retailers worldwide that are using and forming their own unique scent to boost sales and customer interest. It is essential to make sure though that the scent is universally liked and not bad or off…

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Retail Scent Branding

Retail Scent Branding is catching on with retailers! Traditionally marketing was always about a visual or perhaps auditory messages to get the customer to go into the shop. Now the focus for marketers is also on the olfactory message or impression when the customer goes to the shop and uses their tactile sense to gain an understanding of the product.…

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Understanding Your Customers

Understanding your customers is one of the most important things to do for you to ensure a successful marketing campaign. The inability to know your customers is the greatest loss, you, as a potential service provider can face. Since you are nothing without your customer, your first priority should be to know them and what they want and expect from…

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Are Good Customer Relationships Important?

Regardless of what you do in business without customers you will no longer stay in business.  Good customer relationships are important to the growth of your business. It is now know that whether one buys a cup of coffee, a holiday, a house or a car the decision of purchasing has to be emotional. Even more importantly it is a…

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Keep an Eye on Your Competition

If you are you a small business owner you will need to make sure that you keep an eye on your competition and what they are doing. In the end, your competition and their success or failures will have an impact on your business. Many times we come across small business owners who question why it is so important to…

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Brand Your Business

When the time comes that you decide that you want create a brand for your business make sure that you get all your customers and clients to help. Don’t forget that your current customers and clients are not just the people that use buy your products or use your services, they are the building blocks of your business and the…

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Scent Branding for Business

Scent Branding for Business Marketing and getting your business known is not just about how your business looks, or how well your product is packaged; it is also about how your business smells. Yes you heard it right, olfactory experience can be very important in building the brand of your business. Scent branding for business has been widely used for…

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Branding With Scent

All successful businesses want their customers to know their brand. This can be achieved by great packaging, your name, quality products or more recently using scenting and what is called scent branding. Most successful ‘designer’ brands use scenting, dispensed from fragrance diffusers either located in their air conditioning units or in a discreet corner at the entrance of the store.…

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