Lots of great details and scent marketing information on how to use scenting in your business and improve your customer experience.

Scent Marketing Definition

Scent Marketing is a highly aggressive yet subtle marketing technique that is catching on across different parts of the world with high street brands to small owner businesses and shops. Scent Marketing is a part of Sensory branding that encompasses the use of all the five senses of the body; visual, auditory, olfactory, gustative and tactile. Olfactory marketing or Scent…

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Scent Marketing Facts

Scent marketing can be defined as using the olfactory sense of the human body and its association with memories to trigger response or recollection with the current smell to form an emotional feeling of nostalgia. Scent marketing facts are highly useful in using this idea of marketing and can help boost sales tremendously. First off, every person has a unique…

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Seasonal Fragrances For Business

The concept of using seasonal fragrances is completely foreign to not only to most perfume wearers but also to businesses. Often people wear fragrance as what they like they wear. Though wearing seasonal fragrances can help your body chemistry compliment and the note of the fragrance more accurately. What about seasonal fragrances for business? How does this work? Imagine a…

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Evoking Customer Emotions

Every time someone buys something, regardless if its lunch, a new computer, a car or holiday, the deciding factor to purchase that item always ends up with an emotional element. Now of course there is the rational evaluation of the product that is being purchased, weighed with the judgement of price and quality, but underlying all of this, and sometimes…

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Scent Marketing Research

Scent Marketing Research Believe it or not but scent marketing research has been going on for ages. It is not just a new ploy and innovation that marketers and brand strategists just recently started using. It has been going on since the time of pharaohs in Egypt. These Egyptian pharaohs were known to make use of fragrances, incense, and aromatic…

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What is Scent Marketing Video

What Is Scent Marketing? There are a lot of ways that scent marketing can be explained and used. In this video they discuss discuss what is scent marketing today, how it is used in business and getting customers to spend more money. We came across this interesting video of an interview Watchmojo and Maureen Morrin, who is a marketing professor…

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Scent Marketing Benefits

The nose and its other features that aid smelling, is very vital parts of our body. The power of "scenting" and its importance to the body are simply inexplicable. How many times have you escaped drinking spoilt milk just because you were able to smell? The ability to smell or scent as the case may be, brings back the good…

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What Is The Scent Of Luxury?

Can you create a perception of luxury? Many companies are now using scenting with the use of quality scent diffusers which create the effect of luxury, gives the perception of a superior quality product extravagance and indulgence. When guests enter a lobby of a 5 Star Hotel, for example, they may perhaps be greeted by great architecture and have lovely…

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