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Scent Marketing Definition

Scent Marketing is a highly aggressive yet subtle marketing technique that is catching on across different parts of the world with high street brands to small owner businesses and shops. Scent Marketing is a part of Sensory branding that encompasses the use of all the five senses of the body; visual, auditory, olfactory, gustative and tactile.

Olfactory marketing or Scent marketing’s definition is one of the idealistic forms of branding as it forms an associative remembrance of the brand by the use of the sense of smell. The human nose is able to identify and distinguish from over ten thousand different smells and odors and is an excellent provocative power of remembrance.

The power of smell and thus consequently Scent Marketing’s definition is largely correlated with our emotional association and recollection of memories. Scent marketing can immediately generate unions and associations between a brands smell and other memories.

Continuing research in neurological relationships and neurological marketing studies have shown that scent marketing and the olfactory power itself are responsible for triggering around seventy five percent of all emotions; and thus can help form an associative bond between the brand and customer which will in turn help boost sales.

This practice of scent marketing is widely done in the world today. Leading restaurants and startup companies will create an impactful olfactory experience. Restauranteurs, for example, sending artificial smells to the surroundings from their restaurants creating a hype of salivation and impacting the gustative sense, can thus provide that olfactory sense of marketing.

Scent Marketing has been defined as an impactful and resourceful way to market a certain product; or for attracting customers by sending out smells and odors that would trigger a positive results.

Olfactory centers of the brain form bonds and associations or deem it pleasurable and thus attract the customer to that particular shop or brand. This is an extremely creative way of sales; especially in large shopping malls where there are several shops to choose from. With competitor shops left right and center, the scent marketing definition can be rolled out to achieve higher sales by attracting customers from afar and leading them into it.

Scent marketing creates an influential calling to the emotional state, mental mood and acceptance of a certain smell and odor and in turn influences the customer’s willingness or curiosity to a particular product or store.

This type of marketing; scent marketing, is highly impactful and leads to creating a buzz in the persons mind since the sense of smell lingers on in a person’s mind and forms stronger bonds than the visual sense of recollection and memories. The sense of smell and scent marketing often creates a nostalgic association and leads to higher sales.