How Scenting Can Increase Sales

Scents like all other senses are essential to create a distinguished and comfortable association with the brand or product. Scent branding is catching on with retailers worldwide that are using and forming their own unique scent to boost sales and customer interest.

It is essential to make sure though that the scent is universally liked and not bad or off brand. Floral scents or vanilla and soft scents are great for feminine shops and stores, whereas harder or musk or woody scents are defiantly better for male stores and products. The scent if good will keep the customer in your store for longer and definitely boost sales by mood elevation; but it is important to control the intensity of the smell.

It may seem very easy to pick and pop a generic smell and match it with a generic diffuser, but most generic scents are so common that people don’t feel them since they are already used to them. Generic diffusers are also not a great pick since they cannot be controlled with intensity. They can keep sending off vapors of the scent and can prove to be quite strong.

With larger shops it’s perfectly advisable to use varying scents in different departments depending on the product that is being sold, however this can be a complete disaster for a small or single room store where different scents would collide and form most probably a repellent and disgusting smell that will only turn your customer away.

The three basic things that must be kept in mind while scenting a store is, what is the aroma message you want to send to your clients? Does the aroma or scent you have in mind comply with the products available in your store? And what kind of device should you use to ensure that the smell is present aromatically?

The idea behind scent branding or introducing scenting to a store is to decrease a customer’s anxiety and make them feel homey and comfortable to promote their shopping indulgence and experience. The more comfortable a customer is in your store the easier it will be for them to stay longer and consider your product. Thus boosting sales.

Scents can be of all kinds. In stores where there is limited space or too much merchandise use of scents that lessen the claustrophobic feeling and give it a light airy touch are highly recommended. The idea is to keep the customer interested and comfortable despite the size of the store. Smells that evoke a sense of open space like sea shores or woods are classified as great for relieving claustrophobia and creating a sense of openness and appeal to the customer.

Scenting and scent branding can really help increase sales a great fold and thus it is essential to associate your product or store with a naturally appealing smell that keeps your customer interested and contented