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Seasonal Fragrances For Business

The concept of using seasonal fragrances is completely foreign to not only to most perfume wearers but also to businesses.

Often people wear fragrance as what they like they wear. Though wearing seasonal fragrances can help your body chemistry compliment and the note of the fragrance more accurately.

What about seasonal fragrances for business? How does this work?

Imagine a boutique that had just launched their latest winter collection, yet the scent that they are using is fruit like apple or citric scent and just smells of spring and early summer.

The scent of the winter fashion launch and the spring fragrance will clash even if its on an unconscious level. This of course would be the same if it was the opposite. If you walked into a store in the middle of summer and it smelled like there was an open fire place and you expect to see one, yet you are looking at bright summer clothing. Clashes of the senses.

Winter fragrances tend to create a different mood and be more wooded, outdoor and musky and would complement to create a total feel to a winter launch.

When planning your seasonal launches you must consider what aroma you want to match what you are trying to say. Incorporating a total marketing plan is the best way to do it.

There is a real science in using scent for marketing and before you go out and buy just any scent, even if it’s the one you like, take the time to read up on how this will affect your business.

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