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Our collective experience ranges from sales, marketing, customer acquisition, to brand strategy and development.


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Australian owned company, with over 20 years’ experience

Scenting International is a worldwide supplier and marketer of Nano Scenting Technology, leading the scent marketing world in the development of new aroma scenting systems. 

We supply fragrances globally, including South East Asia, Middle East, with distributors around the world ensuring global coverage of all properties.

We understand sales, marketing and customer buying habits

Scenting International is qualified to assist you with all your scent marketing requirements.

We supply world class, perfume-quality fragrances, designed to offer our customers a perfect fragrance for every location.

Servicing customers for their ambient scent marketing solutions to the hospitality, branded retail outlets, shopping centres, entertainment centres, event management and residential properties.

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Customers love the atmosphere that is created and spend more money.


We help you with business scenting solutions that suit your needs at affordable prices


Our dedicated team of global distributors can help you in most parts of the world


We pride ourselves on customer service and will respond to your query as a priority

Environmental & Safety Considerations

Scenting International fragrance bottles are made of PET therefore 100% recyclable and minimizes our contribution to landfills.

We use #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) containers which is also made from recycled plastics and has a low risk of leaching.

Our fragrance diffusers are produced using a high percentage of aluminium, and our parts are built to high standards so we ensure our products work far outside the standard warranty period.

Scenting International fragrances are produced to “IFRA” International Fragrance Association standards & global regulations. We supply all documentation required for export, including, Certificate of Origin & SASO Certificate and other documents as required.

We also do our best to ensure we do not use any palm oil derivatives in our fragrance formulations, and our environmental management systems have been audited and certified to conform to ISO14001:2015 standards.

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In collaboration with our research & development team, we have the ability to remain the leaders in the scenting industry.

  • Customer service is a high priority, with our HVAC Air Conditioning (Director) heading our technical team, ensuring our equipment is maintained to exceptional levels at all times
  • Ongoing Creative, technical and design development with our production team
  • Perfume quality diffusing fragrances with perfumeries in South East Asia, France, Switzerland
  • Collaborating with The Powder Room, world renowned perfume specialist, having worked with Harrods, Westfield, Bombay Sapphire, Cathay Pacific

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Our Commitment

Mission Statement

“Creating an environment to increase brand loyalty by utilising the latest scenting technology together with perfume grade fragrances.

Ethical work practices & minimal environmental impact are important to us, whilst working in partnership with our customers to create an emotional experience for your clientele.”


Suzana Healy