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Scent Marketing Research

Scent Marketing Research

Believe it or not but scent marketing research has been going on for ages. It is not just a new ploy and innovation that marketers and brand strategists just recently started using. It has been going on since the time of pharaohs in Egypt. These Egyptian pharaohs were known to make use of fragrances, incense, and aromatic herbs on their body while they are still alive and in preparation for their afterlife.

Obviously, perfumes have been formulated and used for many different things since the time of the Egyptians. And would you also believe that it is estimated that there are now over 100,000 commercially formulated scents and fragrances world today?

The benefits of aroma therapy and have been long known to improve the general feelings of people that were smelling the scent and in more recent times scent marketing research has continued to define in more detail as to how scent affected individuals for both personal use and the potential to use it in businesses.

The advancements in human behavior research as well as medical research can provide more information how scent can really change our behavior and even our spending patterns. Some of the notable reactions that scents have been shown to affect are seduction, comfort, relaxation, and even fear.

The reason behind it lies in simple science. Our olfaction is connected with our brain. And when we smell a specific scent, our brain associates it with something that we have experiences in the past. It can create a recall of a particular memory and emotion. Even if the person is not consciously aware of the memory, they will still have an emotional response when they smell the scent. The memory, the scent and feelings are linked together. It s like when you smell freshly baked bread and the memory and loving and safe emotions of being at your grandmothers is brought back just by smelling it.

Nowadays many retails stores and offices are using aroma diffusers so that they can intentionally create an environment that would of most benefit to them.

For example an office may use aroma diffuser scents that create clarity and calm for most of the day, yet in the afternoon change the blend to something that is more invigorating to ensure that production is kept high.

A retail store on the other hand, may want their customers to feel relaxed and have a sense of peace, so they stay and shop longer. Another good way to use scenting in a retail store is to introduce season’s scents in conjunction with the new season fashion range. Having the store smell like winter while the new winter range of clothing is released has been shown to result in a better experience for the customer and more sales for the store.

Scent marketing research has shown that knowing which scents and what volume is needed for your specific needs is where a quality scent marketing company becomes really important. It is not just about adding some pleasant scent into the environment. Just adding any fragrance may be nice for the pleasure of the fragrance but not really as effective as if you have selected the right scent to create a desired effect.

To find out more about scent marketing research for your industry and how using scent diffusers can make a difference in your business contact us for an individual consultation.