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Scenting Brookfield Multiplex

“Brookfield Multiplex has been delivering landmark property and infrastructure assets for more than 50 years. We are a leading international contractor with a focus on sustainable growth.”

Office Scenting

After recently relocating into their innovative Melbourne head office in Swanston Street, Scenting International diffusers and fragrances are providing an added ambiance to their reception area.

Using our ‘Marcel’ scent diffusers and an assortment of fragrances, Vacation, Xanadu & Orient Express, all staff and guests that enter the Brookfield Multiplex office become enveloped by our perfume quality fragrances creating a vibrant and enticing experience.

Business owners and employers are finding many benefits to office scenting, from the favorable response they get from clients and visitors to the improved mood of employees and increase in production.

To find out more about our “Marcel” scent diffusers specifications or contact us to find out you they can improve the atmosphere of your office.