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What Is The Scent Of Luxury?

Can you create a perception of luxury? Many companies are now using scenting with the use of quality scent diffusers which create the effect of luxury, gives the perception of a superior quality product extravagance and indulgence.

When guests enter a lobby of a 5 Star Hotel, for example, they may perhaps be greeted by great architecture and have lovely background music playing, but add the element of scenting and you instantly assault their most instinctual sense ‘smell’ which physically changes their emotions and reactions.

This is where scent diffusers are used to create an ambience rather than for direct marketing purposes. Hoteliers understand their guests want to have an ‘experience’ whilst staying at their hotel rather than just a bed for the night.

Luxury brands of clothing are now also using scenting as a method of creating a luxurious experience for their high-end customers, an ambience in their stores that sets them apart from the mainstream.