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Can Scent Affect Productivity?

Our perception of scent or odor has been shown to be linked to our associations and experiences. Surveys that have been done on olfaction and responses to scents have shown that our responses of whether we like or dislike what we smell are directed by these associations.

Aroma therapy has long been used for quite some time now. It is the science of using oils and fragrances for holistic relaxation, mood change and therapy. It is used to improve spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being. Aroma therapy can be used both topically and through smelling the scent. The scent alone of the oil has plenty of natural healing properties.

So in this way scent can affect you emotionally because it triggers different memories or experiences. Scent can be used to arouse alertness, calm, excitement and arousal. Of course scent can also make us feel ill, put off and repulsed.

More and more wise businesses are now introducing scent into the work place, to create specific reactions and improving the general mood of the staff and increasing productivity.

Below are just a few scents that are know to have certain mood affecting properties.


This is a fantastic energy booster; this scent will help promote concentration and invigorates the mind. Use peppermint when you are brainstorming and want to stimulate clearer thinking.


Lemon has a refreshing scent and is usually associated with freshness and cleanliness. This is why you often see our cleaning products lemon scented. Though lemon also can have a calming effect and help if you are feeling tired, anxious or angry.


Jasmine is known for calming your nerves and often people that find it hard to fall asleep are told to put some under their pillow. Additionally this oil is also known for its ability to create an uplifting mood, revitalization of energy and a feeling of well being


This oil is also known to have a calming effect on nerves and can help reduce nervous tension.


Cinnamon tends to have stimulating and invigorating properties and is known to make you feel more alert, improve concentration and reduce metal strain and fatigue.


Rosemary is the morning pick me up and is perfect for creating an invigorated feeling, improving memory and feelings of tiredness. This is the one to use every morning to pick you up and get you focused.

These are just an example of scents and oils that can affect mood and productivity and how they can be used. Business are now using ambient scent machines to deliver a particular or mixture of scents into the work environment all through the day.

The result is a nicer work space, happier staff and increased productivity. Little cost compared to the outcome.

To find out how can scent affect productivity in your workplace, contact us to speak to an experienced distributor who will advise you on not only what scents you should introduce but also the most appropriate ambient scenting machine for your work space.

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