Scenting International Fragrances

Scent Diffuser Fragrance

Producing distinctive and appealing fragrances is an art. Our laboratory ensures that each diffusing fragrance is created with an element of distinction to set our fragrances apart.

Our scent diffuser fragrance oils are complex and specifically formulated. We use only the highest quality ingredients for all diffuser & reed stick oils, ensuring no residue or sediment.

From the conventional to the unusual, even custom blended signature fragrances, Scenting International can develop the right aroma for your brand. Below is just a small sampling of the many scents available from Scenting International.

Designed in Australia, developed, and produced by our International Perfumers who have been supplying globally the highest quality perfumes for over 16 years.

Create Your Own Personalised Scent Diffuser Fragrance

We can help you develop your own personal scent  that can become part of your brand

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  • We are proud that our International Perfume quality fragrances are acknowledged as world class scent diffusing fragrances.

  • We have the experience to produce scent diffuser fragrances for all cultures/ regions including Asia / Middle East / Europe / North & South America.

  • Scenting International fragrances are IFRA” International Fragrance Association compliant.

  • Our Fragrance team is headed by a well-known French perfumer, with a passion for perfumes second to none in our field, to achieve the highest of quality.

  • Scenting International has a very extensive range of scent diffuser fragrances, to help you create exciting environments for your clients and customers.

  • All of our fragrances are supplied with all global documentation required for your country.

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