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Scent Marketing Facts

Scent marketing can be defined as using the olfactory sense of the human body and its association with memories to trigger response or recollection with the current smell to form an emotional feeling of nostalgia.

Scent marketing facts are highly useful in using this idea of marketing and can help boost sales tremendously.

First off, every person has a unique sense of identity associated to different smells and odors and two people usually do not smell the same smells. The olfactory centers size in the human brain is around the same as the size of a postage stamp and the human brain can associate over ten thousand different smells there.

If gender equality were an issue, then women have a more heightened and developed sense of smell than men and form greater memories and recollections in association with provocative smells.

When a person wakes up in the morning their sense of smell is at its lowest potential and it gradually increases as the day progresses making the sense of smell more aware and profound as time passes.

During a cold or flu sickness our taste for food gets weakened and ebbed not due to the taste buds but due to the inability to smell since almost eighty percent of our taste relies entirely on our sense of smell and thus food tastes bad.

In working conditions such as sewers or otherwise, the prolonged exposure to unpleasant odors and smells can actually impair the olfactory sense and thus it is important to wear a mask over the mouth and nose to lessen that effect and keep the olfactory sense safe.

The sense of smell and the olfactory center are greatly associated with memories and links to emotional regions of the brain more than certain other senses like the gustative sense. With all the other senses we form an identification of the product first then create an emotional link. With the sense of smell that phenomena is completely opposite with the formation of an emotional link first and then identification of the thing.

Research has established that the visual sense recall is about fifty percent after three months of seeing something but the olfactory sense or sense of smell is almost sixty five percent, even after a year has passed.

Our sense of smell continues to work even during sleep time thus it can evoke memories if strong enough during sleep.

With the right smell or fragrance mood can be elevated by forty percent and certain diffused scents have been established to help boost ones morale.

Experts have established that the aroma of baked bread and feminine scents in a fashion store boosted sales by double or three fold thus proving the scent marketing as an excellent source of sales boosts.