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Beautiful Scent Of Costa Coffee

The Scenting International team visited a current customer in Doha, Qatar, Costa Coffee.

This particular Costa is a rather large café on the edge of a shopping mall and has a sizeable smoker’s room inside the café. The cigarette smoke being emitted from the smoker’s room is an area of great concern to the café owner, and where Scenting International has been able to assist with alleviating the problem.

Scenting International has placed a large diffuser at the entrance to café, using our Vanilla scent fragrance which works well in conjunction with the natural coffee fragrance of the café.

Our ‘Vanilla’ scent fragrance is being used as a masking mechanism so that guests entering the café feel welcomed and are not assaulted by the bad odour of the cigarette smoke.

Costa Coffee is very happy with the results, and when you next buy a coffee at Costa please notice the fragrance in the café, this will be one of our many fragrances.