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Scent Branding for Business

Scent Branding for Business

Marketing and getting your business known is not just about how your business looks, or how well your product is packaged; it is also about how your business smells. Yes you heard it right, olfactory experience can be very important in building the brand of your business. Scent branding for business has been widely used for quite a long time already, and every year more and more business are using scent or aroma to create and brand their business.

Scent branding has become the must do marketing strategy for businesses that really want to succeed, because of the many benefits that business owners can derive from not just selling products but also changing the behavior of their consumers through the use of scents.

If you are a business owner who is not yet in scent branding for business, you might be wondering how a scent can establish a brand and drive sales.

Let us use the real estate industry as an example for this business model and how scent helps its sales. For an agent to fully persuade their prospect buyers to buy a specific real estate, they would usually make use of fragrances like rose petals in the bedroom, freshly baked cookies or pies in the kitchen, mint scents in the bathroom, and so on. By doing so, they are providing an olfactory experience to their buyers that it is indeed homey and buyers will have a feel how it is to be home. They can imagine themselves living into the real estate that you are selling.

The science of using scents has already been proven in marketing, and that scent can indeed provide brand recognition for customers, and that brand recognition has a domino effect customer interest as well as sales.
Though it is unfortunate that many businesses are not yet aware of the power of harnessing scent branding or scent marketing in their business, and gaining a competitive edge against their competitors.

Scent branding for business is not just used for you to make your business smell nice for your customers. Instead, these scents are used in order to activate emotional triggers and memories to your target audience.

It has been used in different businesses ranging from financial institutions, office, health care, hospitality industry, retail location or any enclosed environment.

In the hospitality industry alone, some hotels do not just use scent in their establishments but make the same scent available in bottled fragrance and scented candles that their guests can purchase and take home with them.

Apart from having another revenue source, the main benefit is that the customer will remember the hotel every time they smell their scent, and being remembered in a positive way is what every business can only hope for.

To find out more about scent branding for your business feel free to contact us to discuss what marketing strategy would be best for you.