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Branding With Scent

All successful businesses want their customers to know their brand. This can be achieved by great packaging, your name, quality products or more recently using scenting and what is called scent branding.

Most successful ‘designer’ brands use scenting, dispensed from fragrance diffusers either located in their air conditioning units or in a discreet corner at the entrance of the store. Using scenting in this way creates an association with the brand, and creates an atmosphere in store that encourages the customer to linger longer.

It creates an atmosphere where the customers in store experience is enhanced and remains in their recall long after they have left the store. When the particular scent is encountered again, the customer instantly remembers the connection to your brand.

Try going into a Abercrombie & Finch store without being overwhelmed by their signature fragrance. These days even food stores, and coffee houses like ‘Costa’ are using scenting to ensure their brand is easily recognised above the rest. Go into the lobby of any Holiday Inn and you will surely be met with Green Tea & Amber fragrance as you walk through the main entrance.

Using scent branding to brand your product or business is proving very successful for retailers, hotels, fitness centres, shopping malls & office buildings and definitely an innovative way to market your brand.