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Top 10 Smells That Make You Happy

Different smells make people react in different ways, each of us know of certain smells that we love and others that can literally make us feel sick. Do you remember the last time you smelled a freshly baked cake, or perhaps newly cut grass?

Often it can bring an emotional response from people depending on what the odour is and what memories they have of that particular smell.

Using scent marketing by intention is what many larger companies do. They spend lots of money on their marketing efforts. Everything is on focus, what you can see, hear, feel as in temperature and of course what you can smell.

They know that if you as the customer are not comfortable you will leave, or even worse; never come back.

When the intention is to keep customers or clients longer on your business premises or even if you would like to associate a scent with your brand it is important to decide what effect you are looking for.

Find out the top 10 smells that make you happy in the video below.

Watch The Video Top 10 Smells That Make You Happy Below To Find Out What They Are