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Scent Marketing Benefits

The nose and its other features that aid smelling, is very vital parts of our body. The power of “scenting” and its importance to the body are simply inexplicable. How many times have you escaped drinking spoilt milk just because you were able to smell? The ability to smell or scent as the case may be, brings back the good and bad moments we had in the past. No wonder it is described as the most accurate level of recall.

With such attributes, it is not surprising that marketing experts have been able to incorporate scenting into their trade. Scent helps us to differentiate between products or services. It can automatically remind you of a product you have liked and trigger an urge to purchase an item. It can also of the pleasant places we always love to be – home, the beach, and the likes.

The limbic system processes scent through the brain which is task with the responsibility of processing emotions and memory and this can affect a consumer’s decision to continuing consuming a product for a very long time if effectively harnessed.
Scent as a marketing tool is particularly beneficial to those in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Salon owners are good beneficiaries in this aspect as the perception of a smell would normally have the customer feeling at home and welcome, that is if the smell is “fine” and welcoming.

Some obvious scent marketing benefits include a relaxed environment for customers and you can be guaranteed of getting repeat customers and therefore increased sales.

Big brands and organizations across the globe are tapping into the opportunity created by the fragrance industry with the creation of signature scents and subsequently diffusing them to promote their brand, stimulate the senses, trigger emotions, and of course, excite customers.

Scent marketing is even more effective in places where the other sense organs are triggered with the use of such items like lightings, sound, and the likes. This is so as it creates a sort of mood and tranquillity that would almost always have customers wanting more of your brand.

Basically, the main scent marketing benefits are about creating an image of your brand with soothing and beautiful smells that your customers can easily relate with and keep a long lasting memory in their minds.