S2200 Scent Diffuser


  • European, unique design
  • Silent operation, using aluminium components
  • Versatile, freestanding, plug into any location
  • Equipped for HVAC installation
  • Easy, pull out fragrance bottle, allowing for simple refilling
  • Simple 7 day, 3 on/off period programming
  • Stronger, powerful pump, providing greater reliability
  • Unique, tamper proof locking system

Recommended Areas:

Medium to larger reception areas, hotel lobbies, retail, spa’s, business centers, special event scenting, example: exhibitions, weddings, birthdays.

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Coverage 2400m3
Product Dimensions (mm) 315x215x108mm
Weight 5.6 kg
Voltage DC12V
Connect Freestanding
Fragrance CanisterSize 1000ml