Marcel Diffuser Range M5000 Diffuser


Coverage 5000m3
Product Dimensions (mm) 222x181x207mm
Weight 8 kg
Power 18W
Voltage AC220V
Connect Freestanding/HVAC
Fragrance Canister Size 5 Litre


  • Free standing, highly efficient low temperature diffuser
  • Single tube for HVAC, easy installation
  • Very Strong balanced diffusing, great fragrance distribution, giving a lasting impression
  • Simple electronic operation, with easy adjustable fragrance levels
  • Advanced Nano technology produces micro fragrance particles, with no residue
  • Microcomputer automatic controls with 10 sets of programs, allows adjusting working hours according to your needs
  • Use only approved Scenting International fragrances (IFRA approved), for best results

Recommended Areas:
Large hotel lobbies, Large public areas, Ball rooms, Special events, can be free standing or in HVAC systems for discrete scenting.