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    What is Scent Marketing Video

    What Is Scent Marketing? There are a lot of ways that scent marketing can be explained and used. In this video they discuss discuss what is scent marketing today, how it is used in business and getting customers to spend more money. We came across this interesting video of an interview
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    Scent Branding for Business

    Scent Branding for Business Marketing and getting your business known is not just about how your business looks, or how well your product is packaged; it is also about how your business smells. Yes you heard it right, olfactory experience can be very important in building the brand of your
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    Electric Aroma Diffusers

    Most often when the topic of aroma diffusers comes up we find that people think we are referring to the small candle diffusers that are readily available. This type of diffuser is often quite effective for a small room though when wanting to scent a large room or ensuring that the aroma lasts,
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    Scent Marketing Benefits

    The nose and its other features that aid smelling, is very vital parts of our body. The power of "scenting" and its importance to the body are simply inexplicable. How many times have you escaped drinking spoilt milk just because you were able to smell? The ability to smell or scent as the case
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    Top 10 Smells That Make You Happy

    Different smells make people react in different ways, each of us know of certain smells that we love and others that can literally make us feel sick. Do you remember the last time you smelled a freshly baked cake, or perhaps newly cut grass? Often it can bring an emotional response from
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    What Is The Scent Of Luxury?

    Can you create a perception of luxury? Many companies are now using scenting with the use of quality scent diffusers which create the effect of luxury, gives the perception of a superior quality product extravagance and indulgence. When guests enter a lobby of a 5 Star Hotel, for example,
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    Branding With Scent

    All successful businesses want their customers to know their brand. This can be achieved by great packaging, your name, quality products or more recently using scenting and what is called scent branding. Most successful ‘designer’ brands use scenting, dispensed from fragrance diffusers
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