What is Scent Marketing Video

What Is Scent Marketing?

There are a lot of ways that scent marketing can be explained and used. In this video they discuss discuss what is scent marketing today, how it is used in business and getting customers to spend more money.

We came across this interesting video of an interview Watchmojo and Maureen Morrin, who is a marketing professor from the Rutgers School of Business, that makes it easy to understand.

A short yet informative video that we are sure you will find interesting, watch it below.

What Is Scent Marketing Video

If you want more information about scent marketing you can read about the different applications on our ambient scenting applications page or don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

Scent Branding for Business

Scent Branding for Business

Marketing and getting your business known is not just about how your business looks, or how well your product is packaged; it is also about how your business smells. Yes you heard it right, olfactory experience can be very important in building the brand of your business. Scent branding for business has been widely used for quite a long time already, and every year more and more business are using scent or aroma to create and brand their business.

Scent branding has become the must do marketing strategy for businesses that really want to succeed, because of the many benefits that business owners can derive from not just selling products but also changing the behavior of their consumers through the use of scents.

If you are a business owner who is not yet in scent branding for business, you might be wondering how a scent can establish a brand and drive sales.

Let us use the real estate industry as an example for this business model and how scent helps its sales. For an agent to fully persuade their prospect buyers to buy a specific real estate, they would usually make use of fragrances like rose petals in the bedroom, freshly baked cookies or pies in the kitchen, mint scents in the bathroom, and so on. By doing so, they are providing an olfactory experience to their buyers that it is indeed homey and buyers will have a feel how it is to be home. They can imagine themselves living into the real estate that you are selling.

The science of using scents has already been proven in marketing, and that scent can indeed provide brand recognition for customers, and that brand recognition has a domino effect customer interest as well as sales.
Though it is unfortunate that many businesses are not yet aware of the power of harnessing scent branding or scent marketing in their business, and gaining a competitive edge against their competitors.

Scent branding for business is not just used for you to make your business smell nice for your customers. Instead, these scents are used in order to activate emotional triggers and memories to your target audience.

It has been used in different businesses ranging from financial institutions, office, health care, hospitality industry, retail location or any enclosed environment.

In the hospitality industry alone, some hotels do not just use scent in their establishments but make the same scent available in bottled fragrance and scented candles that their guests can purchase and take home with them.

Apart from having another revenue source, the main benefit is that the customer will remember the hotel every time they smell their scent, and being remembered in a positive way is what every business can only hope for.

To find out more about scent branding for your business feel free to contact us to discuss what marketing strategy would be best for you.

Electric Aroma Diffusers

Most often when the topic of aroma diffusers comes up we find that people think we are referring to the small candle diffusers that are readily available. This type of diffuser is often quite effective for a small room though when wanting to scent a large room or ensuring that the aroma lasts, they are never effective enough. Unless you have dozen of them, that is.

It is for this reason and many others that thanks to technological advancements, more modern aroma diffusers have been developed. The primary goal is to ensure your room or any area for that matter feels the aroma for a very long time.
Diffusers come in different sorts and the type or kind of diffuser to be used would usually depend on the preference of the buyer and the area they want to cover.

Electric aroma diffusers offer simplicity and great benefits to businesses that want to ensure that they have great aroma, which is easy to use and cost effective.

When selecting an electric aroma diffuser it is very important that you consider what your objective is and your circumstance and preference before deciding on the diffuser to select.

You could seek a demonstration from a dealer who can advise you on what the best choice would be according to your specifications. We can even make suggestions on what sort of fragrance is best for your purpose, or help you to brand yourself and design your own fragrance.

Electric aroma diffusers can be purchase through us and we have distributors all over the world that can advise and assist you with your scenting needs.

See our diffuser page for more on electric aroma diffuser and don’t hesitate to contact us to get personal advice for your scenting requirements.

Scent Marketing Benefits

The nose and its other features that aid smelling, is very vital parts of our body. The power of “scenting” and its importance to the body are simply inexplicable. How many times have you escaped drinking spoilt milk just because you were able to smell? The ability to smell or scent as the case may be, brings back the good and bad moments we had in the past. No wonder it is described as the most accurate level of recall.

With such attributes, it is not surprising that marketing experts have been able to incorporate scenting into their trade. Scent helps us to differentiate between products or services. It can automatically remind you of a product you have liked and trigger an urge to purchase an item. It can also of the pleasant places we always love to be – home, the beach, and the likes.

The limbic system processes scent through the brain which is task with the responsibility of processing emotions and memory and this can affect a consumer’s decision to continuing consuming a product for a very long time if effectively harnessed.
Scent as a marketing tool is particularly beneficial to those in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Salon owners are good beneficiaries in this aspect as the perception of a smell would normally have the customer feeling at home and welcome, that is if the smell is “fine” and welcoming.

Some obvious scent marketing benefits include a relaxed environment for customers and you can be guaranteed of getting repeat customers and therefore increased sales.

Big brands and organizations across the globe are tapping into the opportunity created by the fragrance industry with the creation of signature scents and subsequently diffusing them to promote their brand, stimulate the senses, trigger emotions, and of course, excite customers.

Scent marketing is even more effective in places where the other sense organs are triggered with the use of such items like lightings, sound, and the likes. This is so as it creates a sort of mood and tranquillity that would almost always have customers wanting more of your brand.

Basically, the main scent marketing benefits are about creating an image of your brand with soothing and beautiful smells that your customers can easily relate with and keep a long lasting memory in their minds.

Different smells make people react in different ways, each of us know of certain smells that we love and others that can literally make us feel sick. Do you remember the last time you smelled a freshly baked cake, or perhaps newly cut grass?

Often it can bring an emotional response from people depending on what the odour is and what memories they have of that particular smell.

Using scent marketing by intention is what many larger companies do. They spend lots of money on their marketing efforts. Everything is on focus, what you can see, hear, feel as in temperature and of course what you can smell.

They know that if you as the customer are not comfortable you will leave, or even worse; never come back.

When the intention is to keep customers or clients longer on your business premises or even if you would like to associate a scent with your brand it is important to decide what effect you are looking for.

Find out the top 10 smells that make you happy in the video below.

Watch The Video Top 10 Smells That Make You Happy Below To Find Out What They Are

Can you create a perception of luxury? Many companies are now using scenting with the use of quality scent diffusers which create the effect of luxury, gives the perception of a superior quality product extravagance and indulgence.

When guests enter a lobby of a 5 Star Hotel, for example, they may perhaps be greeted by great architecture and have lovely background music playing, but add the element of scenting and you instantly assault their most instinctual sense ‘smell’ which physically changes their emotions and reactions.

This is where scent diffusers are used to create an ambience rather than for direct marketing purposes. Hoteliers understand their guests want to have an ‘experience’ whilst staying at their hotel rather than just a bed for the night.

Luxury brands of clothing are now also using scenting as a method of creating a luxurious experience for their high-end customers, an ambience in their stores that sets them apart from the mainstream.

Branding With Scent

All successful businesses want their customers to know their brand. This can be achieved by great packaging, your name, quality products or more recently using scenting and what is called scent branding.

Most successful ‘designer’ brands use scenting, dispensed from fragrance diffusers either located in their air conditioning units or in a discreet corner at the entrance of the store. Using scenting in this way creates an association with the brand, and creates an atmosphere in store that encourages the customer to linger longer.

It creates an atmosphere where the customers in store experience is enhanced and remains in their recall long after they have left the store. When the particular scent is encountered again, the customer instantly remembers the connection to your brand.

Try going into a Abercrombie & Finch store without being overwhelmed by their signature fragrance. These days even food stores, and coffee houses like ‘Costa’ are using scenting to ensure their brand is easily recognised above the rest. Go into the lobby of any Holiday Inn and you will surely be met with Green Tea & Amber fragrance as you walk through the main entrance.

Using scent branding to brand your product or business is proving very successful for retailers, hotels, fitness centres, shopping malls & office buildings and definitely an innovative way to market your brand.