Scenting A Palace

Last week Scenting International visited one of the palaces in Doha, Qatar.

What an amazing experience !

Security was high in the streets surrounding the palace, and coming up to the gate house, our Scenting International team were led into a room to wait for our contact inside to receive us. Passports were handed over and then they all passed through airport like security before being allowed to enter through the vast gate of the palace.

Once they entered inside the gate, our Scenting International team were surrounded by beautiful manicured gardens and 3 large ornately decorated buildings – these were administration buildings !

After passing through another large gate, the magnificent, chateau-like palace revealed itself. It was beautifully decorated, and the surrounding gardens were expertly manicured.

Our team moved into the air-conditioning room to check our equipment which are scenting only a small area of the palace at this stage. We discussed the 2nd stage of the project where we would install additional diffusers and we hope this stage will completed shortly.

We are very pleased to be scenting one of the palaces in Doha, and with the Scenting International team’s experience in this area we are sure we will shortly be scenting many more.

Some our team recently visited Russia to review the fashion and scent marketing potential in both St Petersburg & Moscow.

St Petersburg is not only a culturally stunning city, with 18th Century architecture dating back to the Tsars but the fashion would rival the Champs-Elysées in Paris, with global brands such as Gucci & Prada.

The Scenting International sales team was very excited by the scenting potential in Russia, in both high-end retail outlets & hip bars & upmarket hotels.

Both St Petersburg & Moscow were very fashionable cities, therefore scent branding would be highly desirable and add to their already high sense of style.

The Gum in Moscow built in about 1890 and situated opposite Red Square, is a renovated central market which has retained all the spectacular features of yesteryear but now houses the most well-known global brands in the world.

Our team are searching for distributors in both St Petersburg & Moscow. If you have the ability to grow the scent branding potential in this region, please contact us on .

Image: The Gum Department Store, Moscow

Brand Your Business

When the time comes that you decide that you want create a brand for your business make sure that you get all your customers and clients to help. Don’t forget that your current customers and clients are not just the people that use buy your products or use your services, they are the building blocks of your business and the thing that can create your business success.

The understanding that how you value and treat your clients and customers is vital and if you do it right, they will be loyal to you and will help in your endeavors. Without a strong client and customer base your business will not grow and will have trouble staying open.

Customers want and expect quality products and service. That means that the customer is satisfied in the product or service and that you have met or exceeded their expectations.

If you have customers that are very satisfied, you will find that you can then get these customers to help you brand your business. Happy customers can be encourages to tell their friends about you and nothing beats a recommendation from someone that has tried and liked the service or product.

Your job in is to work out how to ensure that you impress your customers in everything you do. Create trust and loyalty by meeting their needs and sometimes go beyond what they expect. Your business plan should allow for things that not only draw the customers in but makes them loyal and returning customers.

The main focus for every business should be to keep the customers they have and get them to help brand your business. Create a long lasting brand with a trusted reputation. If you do this you will have more customers than you need and will be able to reduce the amount of money you spend in finding new customers.

The concept of using seasonal fragrances is completely foreign to not only to most perfume wearers but also to businesses.

Often people wear fragrance as what they like they wear. Though wearing seasonal fragrances can help your body chemistry compliment and the note of the fragrance more accurately.

What about seasonal fragrances for business? How does this work?

Imagine a boutique that had just launched their latest winter collection, yet the scent that they are using is fruit like apple or citric scent and just smells of spring and early summer.

The scent of the winter fashion launch and the spring fragrance will clash even if its on an unconscious level. This of course would be the same if it was the opposite. If you walked into a store in the middle of summer and it smelled like there was an open fire place and you expect to see one, yet you are looking at bright summer clothing. Clashes of the senses.

Winter fragrances tend to create a different mood and be more wooded, outdoor and musky and would complement to create a total feel to a winter launch.

When planning your seasonal launches you must consider what aroma you want to match what you are trying to say. Incorporating a total marketing plan is the best way to do it.

There is a real science in using scent for marketing and before you go out and buy just any scent, even if it’s the one you like, take the time to read up on how this will affect your business.

Feel free to contact us to speak to one of our scent diffusers consultants who able to discuss your business needs.

Scenting Brookfield Multiplex

“Brookfield Multiplex has been delivering landmark property and infrastructure assets for more than 50 years. We are a leading international contractor with a focus on sustainable growth.”

Office Scenting

After recently relocating into their innovative Melbourne head office in Swanston Street, Scenting International diffusers and fragrances are providing an added ambiance to their reception area.

Using our ‘Marcel’ scent diffusers and an assortment of fragrances, Vacation, Xanadu & Orient Express, all staff and guests that enter the Brookfield Multiplex office become enveloped by our perfume quality fragrances creating a vibrant and enticing experience.

Business owners and employers are finding many benefits to office scenting, from the favorable response they get from clients and visitors to the improved mood of employees and increase in production.

To find out more about our “Marcel” scent diffusers specifications or contact us to find out you they can improve the atmosphere of your office.

Evoking Customer Emotions

Every time someone buys something, regardless if its lunch, a new computer, a car or holiday, the deciding factor to purchase that item always ends up with an emotional element.

Now of course there is the rational evaluation of the product that is being purchased, weighed with the judgement of price and quality, but underlying all of this, and sometimes over riding the decision is the emotional element of what the purchaser is feeling.

When you consider this and look at your customers and the emotional element you evoke from them, how would you rate?

Companies that want their customer to become loyal to their service or product understand that the customer experience and service is what will often make the difference between them coming back or choosing a competitor.

In every single purchase decision what the customer feels or doesn’t feel is a result of your sales copy, environment, and customer service and whether you are meeting or exceeding the customer expectations.

Reaching this emotional goal requires an entire company’s effort which should exceed beyond product quality and protocols.
Drivers of satisfaction and loyalty must be looked deeply into by the service providers. A good insight into the subject will show that a whole bunch of different factors lead to the sense of satisfaction and loyalty.

Meeting expectations, needs and reaction to the organization and the perceived value received by the customer would be some of them.

The basic requirement for customer satisfaction then shifts from product, service quality, value-for-money, hygiene factors, etc which are common for everyone, to creating an emotional, personal and psychological connection with the customer which makes them feel satisfied and loyal.

To respond to the emotional approach of the customers the company must have a consistent, differentiated, valued and completely intentional outlook towards customers.

Companies can achieve this by looking at the use of color, layout, music and scent.

Each industry is different as to the client needs and expectations, but a little research into the buying patterns and triggers of your target market would save you lots of time, stress and money.

Want to know how scent can help you improve customer experience and satisfaction?

Contact us to speak to one of our specialist scent marketing distributors.

Scenting Al Nakheel Mall

We are very excited to announce that in early February 2015 we have installed our diffusers and fragrances into the Al Nakheel Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Synonymous with style and success, Al Nakheel Mall has created a vibrant and unique, upscale shopping experience with brands such as Beverley Hills Polo Club, Coach, Diesel, DKNY, Lacoste, Miss Selfridge, Swarovski, Virgin, Zara, plus many more. Also available are dining and entertainment environments for the whole family to enjoy.

scenting Al Nakheel Mall 1 jpg

Scenting International diffusers are installed in all the public areas, including the Mosques and washrooms, creating an enticing atmosphere for all their customers. When entering the Al Nakheel Mall shoppers will experience our perfume quality fragrance ‘Ambre38’ which has been specially designed for the Middle Eastern market.

scenting Al Nakheel Mall 2 jpg

Scenting International are very proud to be working in conjunction with the largest shopping mall portfolio in Saudi Arabia.

If you would like to find out how scenting can improve your customer experience please contact us to speak to one of our scenting distributors.

Al Nakheel Mall

Can Scent Affect Productivity?

Our perception of scent or odor has been shown to be linked to our associations and experiences. Surveys that have been done on olfaction and responses to scents have shown that our responses of whether we like or dislike what we smell are directed by these associations.

Aroma therapy has long been used for quite some time now. It is the science of using oils and fragrances for holistic relaxation, mood change and therapy. It is used to improve spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being. Aroma therapy can be used both topically and through smelling the scent. The scent alone of the oil has plenty of natural healing properties.

So in this way scent can affect you emotionally because it triggers different memories or experiences. Scent can be used to arouse alertness, calm, excitement and arousal. Of course scent can also make us feel ill, put off and repulsed.

More and more wise businesses are now introducing scent into the work place, to create specific reactions and improving the general mood of the staff and increasing productivity.

Below are just a few scents that are know to have certain mood affecting properties.


This is a fantastic energy booster; this scent will help promote concentration and invigorates the mind. Use peppermint when you are brainstorming and want to stimulate clearer thinking.


Lemon has a refreshing scent and is usually associated with freshness and cleanliness. This is why you often see our cleaning products lemon scented. Though lemon also can have a calming effect and help if you are feeling tired, anxious or angry.


Jasmine is known for calming your nerves and often people that find it hard to fall asleep are told to put some under their pillow. Additionally this oil is also known for its ability to create an uplifting mood, revitalization of energy and a feeling of well being


This oil is also known to have a calming effect on nerves and can help reduce nervous tension.


Cinnamon tends to have stimulating and invigorating properties and is known to make you feel more alert, improve concentration and reduce metal strain and fatigue.


Rosemary is the morning pick me up and is perfect for creating an invigorated feeling, improving memory and feelings of tiredness. This is the one to use every morning to pick you up and get you focused.

These are just an example of scents and oils that can affect mood and productivity and how they can be used. Business are now using ambient scent machines to deliver a particular or mixture of scents into the work environment all through the day.

The result is a nicer work space, happier staff and increased productivity. Little cost compared to the outcome.

To find out how can scent affect productivity in your workplace, contact us to speak to an experienced distributor who will advise you on not only what scents you should introduce but also the most appropriate ambient scenting machine for your work space.

For more information see our fragrance page.

Scent Marketing Research

Scent Marketing Research

Believe it or not but scent marketing research has been going on for ages. It is not just a new ploy and innovation that marketers and brand strategists just recently started using. It has been going on since the time of pharaohs in Egypt. These Egyptian pharaohs were known to make use of fragrances, incense, and aromatic herbs on their body while they are still alive and in preparation for their afterlife.

Obviously, perfumes have been formulated and used for many different things since the time of the Egyptians. And would you also believe that it is estimated that there are now over 100,000 commercially formulated scents and fragrances world today?

The benefits of aroma therapy and have been long known to improve the general feelings of people that were smelling the scent and in more recent times scent marketing research has continued to define in more detail as to how scent affected individuals for both personal use and the potential to use it in businesses.

The advancements in human behavior research as well as medical research can provide more information how scent can really change our behavior and even our spending patterns. Some of the notable reactions that scents have been shown to affect are seduction, comfort, relaxation, and even fear.

The reason behind it lies in simple science. Our olfaction is connected with our brain. And when we smell a specific scent, our brain associates it with something that we have experiences in the past. It can create a recall of a particular memory and emotion. Even if the person is not consciously aware of the memory, they will still have an emotional response when they smell the scent. The memory, the scent and feelings are linked together. It s like when you smell freshly baked bread and the memory and loving and safe emotions of being at your grandmothers is brought back just by smelling it.

Nowadays many retails stores and offices are using aroma diffusers so that they can intentionally create an environment that would of most benefit to them.

For example an office may use aroma diffuser scents that create clarity and calm for most of the day, yet in the afternoon change the blend to something that is more invigorating to ensure that production is kept high.

A retail store on the other hand, may want their customers to feel relaxed and have a sense of peace, so they stay and shop longer. Another good way to use scenting in a retail store is to introduce season’s scents in conjunction with the new season fashion range. Having the store smell like winter while the new winter range of clothing is released has been shown to result in a better experience for the customer and more sales for the store.

Scent marketing research has shown that knowing which scents and what volume is needed for your specific needs is where a quality scent marketing company becomes really important. It is not just about adding some pleasant scent into the environment. Just adding any fragrance may be nice for the pleasure of the fragrance but not really as effective as if you have selected the right scent to create a desired effect.

To find out more about scent marketing research for your industry and how using scent diffusers can make a difference in your business contact us for an individual consultation.

Aroma Diffusers for Retail Outlets

Branding is so important for businesses. This holds true both for brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. Branding can indeed drive sales and every entrepreneur thirsts for it. But would you believe that scents can also be used as a form of branding for your business?

The scent that customers can smell while in your retail store can actually drive sales. But of course, you must make sure of the right scent to be used to suit your business.

While food stores, cosmetic counters, soap outlets and scents stores make use of the natural scents their business already have , other retail stores can also make use of aroma diffusers. Using aroma diffuser with a specifically selected scent retail outlets can provide a positive customer environment and to brand themselves to their customers.

Here are some ideas that retail stores can use aroma diffusers to their advantage.

Jive with the season

There is a distinct scent that we can associate with each season. Retail owner can complement the specific season with a specific scent. This will not only add a little bit of spice to your retail store but will also warm up your store, and will make your customers more relaxed when they shop.

Many retail outlets are now using aroma diffusers when changing their display for the next season. A display of fresh and bright summer clothing becomes real and very irresistible when the store smells like summer as well as looking like summer.

Mood setting

It is not only lights as well as sounds that can set the mood in a store. Using scents can help retail store owners to set the mood of customers to buy certain products. There are plenty of scents that you can choose from. It can set the mood for holiday destinations, partying, a touch of elegance, festivity and even a scent of race track (if you are selling auto parts in your store). There are wide selections of scents that you can choose from.

Offer relaxation

The lifeblood of a retail store is their customers. That is why it is very important for store owners not just to sell but to offer their customers something that can make them feel special or just the feeling of being at peace. By including a scent from an aroma diffuser, you can offer your customers a sense of relaxation that most often they are not even aware of, they just feel it.

Leave an impression

It’s all about making a good first impression. Customers like to be in retail stores that are appealing on the eye and make them feel good or special. Creating a place where their visual pleasure is supported by the olfactory pleasure will leave a good impression with your customers, make them want to linger longer, spend more and come back to do it again.

Working out what aroma diffusers will work best for your retail outlet is not always that easy and choosing an aroma is not as simple as you just liking the scent.

Make sure you speak to a specialist aroma diffuser distributor who will advise you what is best for your target customers and marketing objectives.