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    Scent Marketing Definition

    Scent Marketing is a highly aggressive yet subtle marketing technique that is catching on across different parts of the world with high street brands to small owner businesses and shops. Scent Marketing is a part of Sensory [...]
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    How Scenting Can Increase Your Sales

    Scents like all other senses are essential to create a distinguished and comfortable association with the brand or product. Scent branding is catching on with retailers worldwide that are using and forming their own unique [...]
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    Scenting White Night

    Convergence will provide White Night visitors to Arts Centre Melbourne with a sensory overload of large-scale lighting displays across the forecourt, interactive projection, olfactory excitement using locally sourced [...]
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    Retail Scent Branding

    Retail Scent Branding is catching on with retailers! Traditionally marketing was always about a visual or perhaps auditory messages to get the customer to go into the shop. Now the focus for marketers is also on the [...]
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    Scent Marketing Facts

    Scent marketing can be defined as using the olfactory sense of the human body and its association with memories to trigger response or recollection with the current smell to form an emotional feeling of nostalgia. Scent [...]
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    Understanding Your Customers

    Understanding your customers is one of the most important things to do for you to ensure a successful marketing campaign. The inability to know your customers is the greatest loss, you, as a potential service provider can [...]
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    Are Good Customer Relationships Important?

    Regardless of what you do in business without customers you will no longer stay in business.  Good customer relationships are important to the growth of your business. It is now know that whether one buys a cup of coffee, [...]
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    Keep an Eye on Your Competition

    If you are you a small business owner you will need to make sure that you keep an eye on your competition and what they are doing. In the end, your competition and their success or failures will have an impact on your [...]
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    Happy Mothers Day

    ‘Mother’s Day’ is here ! This year it falls on Sunday 10th May, so we should all take the time to remember our Mothers, Grandmothers or carers. They’ve all had a special role in our lives, so a small ‘Thank You’, ‘I [...]
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    Beautiful Scent Of Costa Coffee

    The Scenting International team visited a current customer in Doha, Qatar, Costa Coffee. This particular Costa is a rather large café on the edge of a shopping mall and has a sizeable smoker’s room inside the café. The [...]
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    Scenting A Palace

    Last week Scenting International visited one of the palaces in Doha, Qatar. What an amazing experience ! Security was high in the streets surrounding the palace, and coming up to the gate house, our Scenting [...]
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    Scenting International Visits RUSSIA

    Some our team recently visited Russia to review the fashion and scent marketing potential in both St Petersburg & Moscow. St Petersburg is not only a culturally stunning city, with 18th Century architecture dating back to [...]
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    Brand Your Business

    When the time comes that you decide that you want create a brand for your business make sure that you get all your customers and clients to help. Don’t forget that your current customers and clients are not just the people [...]
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    Seasonal Fragrances For Business

    The concept of using seasonal fragrances is completely foreign to not only to most perfume wearers but also to businesses. Often people wear fragrance as what they like they wear. Though wearing seasonal fragrances can [...]
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    Scenting Brookfield Multiplex

    “Brookfield Multiplex has been delivering landmark property and infrastructure assets for more than 50 years. We are a leading international contractor with a focus on sustainable growth.” [...]
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    Evoking Customer Emotions

    Every time someone buys something, regardless if its lunch, a new computer, a car or holiday, the deciding factor to purchase that item always ends up with an emotional element. Now of course there is the rational evaluation [...]
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    Scenting Al Nakheel Mall

    We are very excited to announce that in early February 2015 we have installed our diffusers and fragrances into the Al Nakheel Mall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Synonymous with style and success, Al Nakheel Mall has created a [...]
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    Can Scent Affect Productivity?

    Our perception of scent or odor has been shown to be linked to our associations and experiences. Surveys that have been done on olfaction and responses to scents have shown that our responses of whether we like or dislike [...]
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    Scent Marketing Research

    Scent Marketing Research Believe it or not but scent marketing research has been going on for ages. It is not just a new ploy and innovation that marketers and brand strategists just recently started using. It has been [...]
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    Aroma Diffusers for Retail Outlets

    Aroma Diffusers for Retail Outlets Branding is so important for businesses. This holds true both for brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. Branding can indeed drive sales and every entrepreneur thirsts for it. [...]